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2014 New Products
Monthy Featured Dog Breeds for 2014:

January 2014 featured breed:

February 2014 featured breed:
Basset Griffon

March 2014 featured breed:
Lakeland Terrier

April 2014 featured breed:
English Pointer


2013 New Products
New Signs for Spring 2013:

Beware of American Bulldog Sign

Beware of Basset Griffon Sign

Beware of Bearded Collie Sign

Beware of Blue Heeler Sign

Beware of Border Terrier Sign

Beware of Bouvier Sign

Beware of Briard Sign

Beware of Cane Corso Sign

Beware of Cavalier King Charles Sign

Beware of Dogue De Bordeaux Sign

Beware of English Cocker Spaniel Sign

Beware of German Shorthaired Pointer Sign

Beware of Goldendoodle Sign

Beware of Giant Schnauzer Sign

Beware of Great Pyrenees Sign

Beware of Greyhound Sign

Beware of Irish Setter Sign

Beware of Labradoodle Sign

Beware of Neapolitan Mastiff Sign

Beware of Newfoundland Sign

Beware of Papillon Sign

Beware of Presa Canario Sign

Beware of Rhodesian Ridgeback Sign

Monthy Featured Dog Breeds for 2013:

January 2013 featured breed:
Australian Kelpie

February 2013 featured breed:
Irish Setter

March 2013 featured breed:
Chinese Crested

April 2013 featured breed:

May 2013 featured breed:
Rhodesian Ridgeback

June 2013 featured breed:
Flat-Coated Retriever

July 2013 featured breed:
Old English Sheepdog

August 2013 featured breed:
Tibetan Terrier

September 2013 featured breed:

October 2013 featured breed:
Kerry Blue Terrier

November 2013 featured breed:
Norwich Terrier

December 2013 featured breed:

2012 New Products
New Signs for Fall 2012:

Beware of Attack Cat Signs

I Love My Kitty Cat Signs

Cat Country Signs

New Signs for Summer 2012:

Caution Hearing Impaired Dog Signs

I Love My... Magnetic Signs

I Love My... Stickers

New Signs for Spring 2012:

Attention Dog Owners Signs

A Good Neighbor Signs

Failure to Clean Up Signs

No Smoking Signs

Beware of Dog! The Cat... Signs

Attention! It's the Law Signs

Please Curb Your Dog Signs

Pets Must Be Signs

No Cat Pooping Signs

Monthy Featured Dog Breeds for 2012:

January 2012 featured breed:
Norfolk Terrier

February 2012 featured breed:

March 2012 featured breed:
Great Pyrenees

April 2012 featured breed:
Dandie Dinmont Terrier

May 2012 featured breed:
Tibetan Spaniel

June 2012 featured breed:
Jack Russell Terrier

July 2012 featured breed:

August 2012 featured breed:
Harlequin Great Dane

September 2012 featured breed:
Sussex Spaniel

October 2012 featured breed:
Field Spaniel

November 2012 featured breed:
Rat Terrier

December 2012 featured breed:

2011 New Products
New Signs for Winter 2011:

Please Do Not Feed Wildlife

Please Do Not Feed Alpacas

Please Do Not Feed Baboons

Please Do Not Feed Llamas

Caution Bear In Area

Caution Buffalo On Road

Livestock Guard Dog On Duty

Please Slow Down - Children & Pets At Play

Beware Women with Gun

Crawfish Xing

No Pee Zone












New Signs for Spring/Summer 2011:

Dog Sign: This Property is Protected By: (Badge Shape)

Monthy Featured Dog Breeds for 2011:

January 2011 featured breed:
Cairn Terrier

February 2011 featured breed:
Machester Terrier

March 2011 featured breed:

April 2011 featured breed:
English Springer Spaniel

May 2011 featured breed:

June 2011 featured breed:
Lhasa Apso

July 2011 featured breed:

August 2011 featured breed:
Gordon Setter

September 2011 featured breed:
Toy Fox Terrier

October 2011 featured breed:
Japanese Chin

November 2011 featured breed:
American Bulldog

December 2011 featured breed:
Redbone Coonhound

2010 New Products
New Signs for Spring/Summer 2010:

Please Do Not Tease the Dog Signs

Dog in Yard! Please Close Gate Signs


Monthy Featured Dog Breeds for 2010:

January 2010 featured breed:
Boykin Spaniel

February 2010 featured breed:
Clumber Spaniel

March 2010 featured breed:
Glen of Imaal Terrier

April 2010 featured breed:

May 2010 featured breed:

June 2010 featured breed:
Gordon Setter

July 2010 featured breed:
Irish Wolfhound

August 2010 featured breed:

September 2010 featured breed:
Australian Terrier

October 2010 featured breed:

November 2010 featured breed:
Dogue de Bordeaux

December 2010 featured breed:
English Setter

2009 New Products
New Signs for Fall/Winter 2009:

Disability Awareness Signs

Please Do Not Feed the Animals Signs

All Pets Must Be Registered Signs

New Signs for Spring 2009:

No Dogs Allowed Signs

Attack Dog On Duty Signs

Attack Dog On Guard Signs

Monthy Featured Dog Breeds for 2009:

January 2009 featured breed:
Presa Canario

February 2009 featured breed:
Sealyham Terrier

March 2009 featured breed:
Dandie Dinmont Terrier

April 2009 featured breed:

May 2009 featured breed:
Irish Terrier

June 2009 featured breed:

July 2009 featured breed:

August 2009 featured breed:
Belgian Sheepdog

September 2009 featured breed:
Ibizan Hound

October 2009 featured breed:
Miniature Bull Terrier

November 2009 featured breed:
Finnish Spitz

December 2009 featured breed:
Australian Kelpie

2008 New Products
New Signs for Summer 2008:

Designated Pet Area

Designated Pet Area

All Pets Must be on a Leash

Warning Not Responsible...

Absolutely Nothing...

Dog Walk Area

Pet Walk Area

Agility Dog Xing
7 New Designs for A-Frame, Dog Walk, Seesaw, Tunnels and Weaves Poles

Animals Added for 2008:
Ruffed Grouse
Horseback Riding

Monthy Featured Dog Breeds for 2008:

January 2008 featured breed:

February 2008 featured breed:

March 2008 featured breed:
Giant Schnauzer

April 2008 featured breed:
American Water Spaniel

May 2008 featured breed:
Fila Brasileiro

June 2008 featured breed:
Tibetan Terrier with Short Hair

July 2008 featured breed:
Neapolitan Mastiff

August 2008 featured breed:
Portuguese Water Dog - Retriever Cut

September 2008 featured breed:
Blue Heeler

October 2008 featured breed:
American Foxhound

November 2008 featured breed:

December 2008 featured breed:
Norwegian Elkhound

2007 New Products
Dog Breeds Added for 2007:
Boxer with Natural Ears Puggle

Cat Breeds Added for 2007:
Calico Rag Doll

New Signs for Summer 2007:

Dog Waste - It's the Law!!!

Parrot Biting Finger

Beware of the Dog
French Version. Attention du Chien

Save Our Pets

Beware of the Owner

Dogs Forbidden
French Version. Interdit aux Chiens

New Signs for Fall/Winter 2007:

Please Don't Let the Dog Out...

Beware of the Dog Sign
Spanish Version. Cuidado Con El Perro

Potty Area

Warning No Trespassing

Caution Handicap Dog

Monkeys Will Throw Feces

Dogs Must Be Leashed...

Monthy Featured Dog Breeds for 2007:

January 2007 featured breed:
Norwegian Buhund

February 2007 featured breed:
Long Hair Chihuahua

March 2007 featured breed:
Scottish Deerhound

April 2007 featured breed:
Belgian Laekenois

May 2007 featured breed:
Olde English Bulldogge

June 2007 featured breed:
Dachshund - Long Hair

July 2007 featured breed:
Dogo Argentino

August 2007 featured breed:
Tosa Inu

September 2007 featured breed:
Brazilian Mastiff

October 2007 featured breed:

November 2007 featured breed:

December 2007 featured breed:

2006 New Products
Dog Breeds Added for 2006:

Australian Kelpie

Belgian Tervuren


Brussels Griffon

Canaan Dog

Clumber Spaniel

Curly-Coated Retriever

Animals Added for 2006:
Bearded Dragon Mountain Lion

New Signs for Summer 2006:

No Dog Pooping Sign w/Stake
All weather aluminum sign - fully assembled.

No Dog Poop/Pee Zone

No Butt Sniffing

Dog Stickers!
Double Sided Dog Stickers. Weatherproof.

Pet Memorials

Keep Dogs Off Lawn

Monthy Featured Dog Breeds for 2006:

February 2006 featured breed:
Scottish Terrier

March 2006 featured breed:
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

April 2006 featured breed:
English Foxhound

May 2006 featured breed:
Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever

June 2006 featured breed:

July 2006 featured breed:

August 2006 featured breed:
Braque du Bourbonnais

September 2006 featured breed:
German Pinscher

October 2006 featured breed:
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

November 2006 featured breed:

December 2006 featured breed:
Smooth Fox Terrier

2005 New Products
Dog Breeds Added for 2005:

American Foxhound

American Water Spaniel

Australian Terrier


Belgian Malinois

Belgian Sheepdog

Doberman w/Natural Ears

Giant Schnauzer

Great Dane w/Natural Ears


Neapolitan Mastiff

Presa Canario

New Signs for Summer 2005:

No Dog Pooping - Government Version

Beware of Dog - Rottweiler

School Children...

Tractor Xing

4' Wooden Sign Stakes